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Final report on tile testing available to public
October 14, 2016

    The highly anticipated final report of the “Tile Drain Monitoring in the Wabash River Valley” project will be released to the public on October 14, 2016.
    The Tile Drain Monitoring Project was a collaborative effort of nine county Farm Bureaus, Wabash Valley Service Company, and Wabash Valley College; with grant support from the Illinois Farm Bureau. The project involved water testing on field tiles in 37 fields as well as soil and tissue testing; with the goal of calculating the economic loss of nutrients in those fields. Test results included in the report occurred from March to July, although samples are being taken through the fall months. While data in the public version of the report is aggregated, individual field reports will be made available to participating farmers.  
    When summarizing the results of the project, White County Farm Bureau Manager Doug Anderson said, “The test results provide real-world data for our farmers, putting an economic value on the nitrogen they’re losing from their field; while confirming that field tiles are not a primary source of nitrogen or phosphorus loss into our watershed.” While other science-based testing does confirm nutrients in the watershed, the tile testing results also confirm that those nutrients did not come from sub-surface tiles. Nutrient loss is likely occurring more from surface erosion than from field tiles.
    A limited number of printed copies of the final report are available in the White County Farm Bureau office.