Programs & Events
of the White County Farm Bureau

The White County Farm Bureau strives to provide our members and the local public with numerous programs and activities that follow the mission of our organization.

We've compiled a partial list of major programs and events of local interest to our members. 

Ag in the Classroom
  • White County Agricultural Literacy Program
  • Aquaponic Gardens in Classrooms
  • County Farm Bureau Foundation
  • Southeastern IL FFA Acquaintance Day Program
  • GIFT Garden Donations 
  • Adopted classroom in Chicago
  • Young Leader Collegiate Scholarship
  • AITC Silent Auction and AITC Gun Raffle
  • Family Fun Fest, Conservation Days, Autumn AgVenture Station
  • FFA Student Support for Youth Leadership Conference
  • 4-H Club of the Year Award, AITC Presentations at 4-H Clubs
  • Teacher Resource Guide & Newsletter; Welcome Back Packets
  • Illinois Ag Mag & Calendar Distribution
  • Southeastern IL Summer Ag Institute

Commodities and Marketing
  • White County Crop Tour
  • Farm Bill Update
  • AgriVisor Market Update
  • Crop Insurance Update
  • Attendance at IFB's Farm Income & Innovations Conference
  • AgriVisor and IFB Website Promotion
  • Markets on White CFB website

Health & Safety
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Gun Safety at Pistol Shoot
  • LifeLine Screening
  • AgrAbility Ambassador
  • Air Evac Lifeteam
  • Farm Safety Week messages

Legislative / Political Process
  • Legislative Listening Session
  • Get out the Vote Campaign
  • Legislative Action on Social Media
  • Legislator Ag Advisory Committees
  • Illinois Farm Bureau Action Request Participation
  • IL State Legislative Priorities to State Legislators
  • Attendance at Governmental Affairs Leadership Conference
  • ACTIVATOR Participating County

Local Affairs
  • County Board Relationship Dinner
  • High Capacity Water Reporting
  • Cover Crop Seed Grant
  • Promotion of Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy
  • Farmland Assessment Training for County Assessors
  • Farmland Assessment Brochure
  • “On the Road” Program
  • Director Attendance at County Board Meetings
  • Chamber of Commerce Member / SWCD Sponsor
  • Farm Service Agency & Local Drainage District Representative

Communication & Promotion
  • St. Louis Science Center GROW Exhibit Sponsor
  • St. Louis Magic House – “Farm Fresh Pizza Parlor”
  • St. Louis Magic House – “Fall Farm Festival”
  • Farmer’s market at Magic House’s “Sunshine Classroom”
  • Saint Louis Zoo Promotion to non-farming consumers
  • Farmer Appreciation Night with So IL Miners
  • Traveling Farm Families – Semi Trailer Billboards
  • “White County Farmers Feed…” Roadside Signs
  • Southern FS Semi Truck Wrap
  • Consumer Facebook Campaign
  • County Farm Bureau Website -
  • Social Media – Facebook page
  • White County Ag News Publication
  • National Ag Week & Farm Safety Week Promotion
  • $1,000 Crime Reward Program
  • County Fair Book Ad, 4-H Project Judging
  • Support for 4-H, FFA, Corn Days, SWCD & Pioneer Days

Member Relations
  • Young Leader Pistol Shoot
  • White County Plat Book
  • COUNTRY Representative Membership Drive
  • Local Business Discount Program
  • New Director Orientation
  • Member Appreciation Luncheon
  • County Annual Meeting
  • Cooperative/CFB Communications Meeting
  • Young Leader Demolition Derby Assistance at County Fair
  • District 17 Discussion Meet Award
  • Region 4 Retired Manager Picnic
  • Free Notary Public Service

Policy Development
  • Board Policy Development Exercise
  • Policy Resolutions to the Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Policy Development Information on website
  • District 17 Fall Meeting – Policy Discussion
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