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STATEMENT in SUPPORT of the Public Safety Sales Tax for the White County Ambulance
October 1, 2018

The White County Farm Bureau recognizes the need for all communities to have adequate healthcare services available to its residents. As agriculture is often referred to as the “most dangerous occupation” in America, it is critical for emergency services to be available, equipped, and appropriately funded; so, they can be ready and available in a moment’s notice. Without an adequate ambulance service in our community, our students, workers, and farmers are at a greater risk for permanent injury and loss of life.

We acknowledge the challenges facing the White County Ambulance Service including staffing consistency, aging equipment, low reimbursement rates from Medicare/Medicaid, ALS certification, and overall financial stability. 

We feel that a sales tax dedicated to the ambulance service allows for all citizens in the county to contribute toward maintaining this vital community service. There can be no hope for future economic development in the county without an adequate and functioning ambulance service. 

Therefore, as an organization dedicated to the future of agriculture in White County, we support the county’s effort to levy a .5% sales tax to support the White County Ambulance Service; and urge all White County citizens to vote “yes” on the upcoming general election ballot referendum.