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The mission of the White County Farm Bureau
 is to serve its members by representing their best interests, 
improving the profitability of their farm businesses, 
and enhancing the quality of their farm lives.
Featured News

Excessive moisture a mixed bag for White County corn
It's no secret that it has been a wet year for White County farmers.  That fact was evident in the results of the 19th Annual White County Crop Tour... MORE
White County News
Legislative Action Center - Contact your legislator!

American Farm Bureau Federation Priority Issues
Water Resources, Farm Bill, Renewable Fuels, Labor, Clean Water Act & more

Illinois Farm Bureau Current Issues
Includes taxes, government finance, rural life, transportation, ag production, trade, livestock, dairy, equine, natural resources, and energy

Motor Vehicle Rules for Farmers - Updated March 2015
USMCSA and USDOT keep changing the rules and exemptions for farmers.  Get the latest updates here.

IFB Statehouse QuickView - Get the latest update on state legislative issues

IFB Transportation Update - Learn about changes to Illinois' transportation and trucking regulations, including CDL, medical card, truck weight and dimension law, driver qualifications, and more.

LINK - Local Information, News, and Know-How
Local Issues are very important to Farm Bureau.  Get up to speed on the latest local issues impacting our members.

Farmland Assessment Law - Why we have it and how it works

The Code of Country Living
Thinking of moving to the country?  This guide will help prepare you for the differences between urban and rural living

University of Illinois FarmDoc - Cash Rent LeaseShare Crop Lease
Download sample lease agreements to use for your farm  

The Essentials of Farming